The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has changed the quarterly reporting for State Unemployment taxes for businesses. The new “Employer Self Service System (ESS)” includes a complete redesign of their website, system and reporting.

The ESS is now used to submit reports and make payments for employers. The change begins first quarter 2019. Wage and contribution reports are consolidated into a single Quarterly Wage Report. All reporting information must be entered into the website. Paper forms will no longer be accepted.

Businesses need to register as soon as possible.
Visit and click on first-time user to register.

If an organization has less than 50 employees, the information can either be entered manually into the website, or it can be imported using a specific CSV file format. (There is a guidance and a template posted on our website.) If an organization has more than 50 employees, the CSV file is required.Additional information will be required in the report such as, each employee’s start date, SOC Code (Indiana State Occupational Classification), zip code of primary work location, work status (full time, part time or seasonal) and month of employment. Only the employees’ quarterly gross wages will be reported. Taxable wages versus exempt wages are no longer reported.

The Department of Workforce Development has provided tutorial videos at this link for those seeking additional guidance.

Please contact your Legacy representative if you have any specific questions.
Legacy News Flash 19-4
Issued 4/11/2019