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Legacy Professionals LLP is a unique niche-focused certified public accounting firm that balances a strong commitment to client success with decades of experience in serving employee benefit plans, labor organizations, not-for-profits, government entities, and others.


Jun 15 in Out and About

Tucek Attends 2017 AAM Summit ›

Legacy Marketing Director Julie Tucek attended the 2017 Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Summit in Las Vegas on June 12-15...

Legacy Has Successful Peer Review ›

Timothy F. Cibulka, CPA, CFE, Managing Partner of Legacy Professionals LLP, announced today that Legacy Professionals LLP has successfully completed...

Not-For-Profit Financial Reporting Seminar at Legacy ›

Legacy will be hosting a Not-For-Profit Financial Reporting Seminar on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 311 S. Wacker, Chicago in...