Starting September 3, 2019 The Indiana Department of Revenue rolled out a new website called INTIME and implemented phase 1 of the rollout. Beginning September 8, 2020, The Department of Revenue will rollout phase 2 of the new e-services portal, INTIME, and will begin to support additional tax types on the portal.

All existing businesses who currently file business taxes via INTax, should begin migrating their accounts to INTIME on or after September 8, 2020. Existing INTax users will be able to create an INTIME username and password for their business and get started managing their accounts. The following types of tax returns and payments are migrating to INTIME during this phase 2 of the rollout: Sales, Withholding, Tire Fee, Wireless Prepaid Fees, Food and Beverage, County Innkeeper, Motor Vehicle Rental, Heavy Equipment Rental, and Use Tax. The following tax types will currently remain in INTax: Gasoline Use Tax, Metered Pump Sales, Fuel Tax, Type II Gaming Fees, Alcohol Excise Tax and Other Tobacco Products.

INTax will remain accessible from September 8, 2020 thru December 31, 2020; however the functionality will be reduced, only allowing businesses to file and pay for current filing periods. INTax users are encouraged to make the switch to INTIME as early as possible after rollout 2 begins (September 8, 2020) to begin taking advantage of the new functionalities of INTIME such as: Manage, file and pay tax obligations; direct messaging with the Department of Revenue; access the filing history for the past 3 calendar years; and view all notices online. It is recommended to wait until after the date of September 8 to register.

The Department of Revenue has provided a User Guide and Migration User Guide to help with the transition to INTIME. They have also made available video tutorials and is available online at There are dedicated Customer Service Representatives with the Department of Revenue to help with any INTIME questions, in which you would call 317-232-2240 and select option “1”.

Please contact your Legacy representative if you have questions.

Legacy News Release 20-14
Issued 9/8/20