The Indiana Department of Revenue has rolled out a new website called INTIME.  Starting September 3, 2019 all Indiana-based non-profits, corporations, partnerships, etc. will need to register for INTIME. Rollout 1 (September 3, 2019) includes tax types for: Aircraft Dealer, Aircraft Excise, C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, Financial Institution, Non-Profit and Utility Receipts. Individual filers will be addressed at a later date.

DOR’s brand-new e-services portal, INTIME, went live at 10 a.m., EST on Tuesday, Sept. 3. DOR customers can now access INTIME at to request a registration letter, create an initial login, and make payments.

All taxes paid with the Indiana Department of Revenue are being merged onto one website. This includes the Sales and Withholding taxes that would have been paid via INTax previously. You should be receiving letters from the State of Indiana for registration. If you do not receive a letter from the State, you can request one through the website starting September 3. Please register in early September so that monthly forms and payments can be processed on time.

This does not affect the State Unemployment (Indiana Department of Workforce Development) website that all Indiana employers registered for earlier this year.

For a video tutorial of the registration process, click here.

Please contact your Legacy representative if you have any questions.